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Volume 31 - 2003

Deep Sea Fisheries

For 2001, the Scientific Council initiated a Special Session titled "Deep Sea Fisheries". To bring a global perspective ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) and CSIRO (Commonwealth and Industrial Research Organization were invited to co-sponsor the Symposium. The Joint NAFO/ICES/CSIRO Symposium was held during 12-14 September 2001 in Varadero, Cuba in conjunction with the 23rd Annual Meeting. The Symposium was co-convened by Jon Moore (USA/NAFO), John D. M. Gordon (UK/ICES) and Tony Koslow (Australia/CSIRO).

Note to User: Note that papers in table below are grouped within the Sessions they correspond to but the pdf files reflect the pagination used in the print publication. In a few cases electronic pdf versions of papers contain colour graphics that may not be available in the print version due to publication policies at the NAFO Secretariat.

Articles are available in PDF only.

Table of contents

Session I: Deepwater Fisheries (Part I)
Deep-sea Fishery off Southern Brazil: Recent Trends of the Brazilian Fishing Industry
Perez, J. A. A., R. Wahrlich, P. R. Pezzuto, P. R. Schwingel, F. R. A. Lopes, and M. Rodrigues- Ribeiro

The Deep-sea Fish Fauna of the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Powell, S. M., R. L. Haedrich, and T. D. McEachran 

Fisheries Resources in the Deep Waters of the Eastern Mediterranean (Greek Ionian Sea)
Politou, C.-Y., S. Kavadas, CH. Mytilineou, A. Tursi, R. Carlucci, and G. Lembo 

Orange Roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus Collett 1889) in the Northwest Atlantic
Kulka, D., D. E. Themelis and R. G. Halliday
The Rockall Trough, Northeast Atlantic: the Cradle of Deep-sea Biological Oceanography that is Now Being Subjected to Unsustainable Fishing Activity
Gordon, J. D. M.
The Deep-water Red Shrimp Fishery in the Spanish Mediterranean Sea
Carbonell, A., G. Pomar, M. Gaza, A. Torres, M. García, P. Pereda, A. Esteban, and J. L. Pérez Gil
Biodiversity of Bear Seamount, New England Seamount Chain: Results of Exploratory Trawling
Moore, J. A., M. Vecchione, B. B. Collette, R. Gibbons, K. E. Hartel, J. K. Galbraith, M. Turnipseed, M. Southworth, and E. Watkins
Cephalopod Species Captured by Deep-water Exploratory Trawling in the Northeastern Ionian Sea
Lefkaditou, E., C. Mytilineou, P. Maiorano, and G. D'Onghia
Deepwater Fisheries and Aspects of Their Impact on Seamount Habitat in New Zealand
Clark, M., and R. O'Driscoll
Session II: Greenland halibut

Population Structure of Greenland Halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) in the Northeast Arctic, 1992-2000
Høines, Å. S., and K. Korsbrekke 

A Comparison of the Maturation of Greenland Halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) from Populations Throughout the North Atlantic
Morgan, M. J., W. R. Bowering, A. C. Gundersen, Å. Høines, B. Morin, O. Smirnov, and E. Hjörleifsson

Migration from Nursery to Spawning Area in Relation to Growth and Maturation of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) in the Northeast Arctic
Albert, O. T. 

Tagging Mortality of Greenland Halibut Reinhardtius hippoglossoides (Walbaum)
Simonsen, C. S., and M. A. Treble
Session III: Deepwater Fisheries (Part 2)

Deep-sea Shrimp (Aristeus antennatus Risso 1816) in the Catalan Sea: a Review and Perspectives
Sardà, F., J. B. Company, and F. Maynou 

Deep-water Fisheries of the Northeast Atlantic: I. Description and Current Trends
Gordon, J. D. M., O. A. Bergstad, I. Figueirdo, and G. Menezes
Deep-water Fisheries of the Northeast Atlantic: II. Assessment and Management Approaches
Large, P. A., C. Hammer, O. A. Bergstad, J. D. M. Gordon, and P. Lorance
Management Hypotheses to Improve Yield-per-Recruit and Economic Returns in the Red Shrimp (Aristaeomorpha foliacea) Fishery of Southern Sicily (Mediterranean Sea)
Bianchini, M. L., S. Ragonese, and D. Levi
Estimating Secondary Production in the Deep-water Shrimp, Aristeus antennatus (Risso, 1816) in the Catalano-Balearic Basin (Western Mediterranean)
Cartes, J. E., and M. Demestre
A Life History Approach to the Assessment and Management of Deepwater Fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic
Clarke, M. W., C. J. Kelly, P. L. Connolly, and J. P. Molloy
Session IV: Biology and Life History
Predator-Prey Relationships and Food Sources of the Skagerrak Deep-water Fish Assemblage
Bergstad, O. A., Å. D. Wik, and Ø. Hildre

Preliminary Estimates of Biological and Yield Characteristics of Deep-water Witch Flounder (Glyptocephalus cynoglossus) in the Georges Bank - Mid-Atlantic Bight Region
Wigley, S. E., and J. M. Burnett 

Fishery and Biology of Aristaeomorpha foliacea (Risso, 1827) (Crustacea: Decapoda) in the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea (Western Mediterranean)
Belcari, P., C. Viva, M. Mori, and S. De Ranieri 

Testicular Activity and Sperm Glycoproteins in Giant Red Shrimp (Aristaeomorpha foliacea)

Desantis, S., M. Labate, F. Cirillo, G. M. Labate, M. Maiorano, and G. D'Onghia 

First Data on Distribution and Biology of Squalus bainvillei (Risso, 1826) from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Sion, L., G. D'Onghia, A. Tursi, and Ch. Mytilineou
Roughhead Grenadier (Macrourus berglax) in the Waters off East Greenland: Distribution and Biology
Fossen, I., O. A. Jørgensen, and A. C. Gunderson
Distribution and Biology of Blue Hake (Antimora rostrata Günther 1878) in the Northwest Atlantic with Comparison to Adjacent Areas
Kulka, D. W., M. R. Simpson, and T. D. Inkpen

Session V: Redfish
Session VI: Fisheries Ecology 

Preliminary Investigations on the Uses of Otolith Microchemistry for Stock Discrimination of the Deep-water Black Scabbardfish (Aphanopus carbo) in the Northeast Atlantic
Swan, S. C., J. D. M. Gordon, and T. Shimmield 

Discards from Deep-water Bottom Trawling in the Eastern-Central Mediterranean Sea and Effects of Mesh Size Changes
D'Onghia G., R. Carlucci, P. Maiorano, and M. Panza 

Biodiversity of the Upper Slope Demersal Community in the Eastern Mediterranean: Preliminary Comparison Between Two Areas With and Without Trawl Fishing

D'Onghia, G., F. Mastrototaro, A. Matarrese, C.-Y. Politou, and Ch. Mytilineou 

Impact of the Deep Sea Trawl Fishery on Demersal Communities of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea (Western Mediterranean)
Sartor, P., M. Sbrana, B. Reale, and P. Belcari 

Distribution, Growth and Exploitation of Greater Silver Smelt (Argentina silus (Ascanius, 1775)) in Norwegian Waters 1980-83
Johannessen, A., and T. Monstad 

Utilization of Deep-sea Sharks at Hatton Bank in the North Atlantic
Kjerstad, M., I. Fossen, H. M. Willemsen 

Acoustic Recordings of Greater Silver Smelt (Argentina silus) in Norwegian Waters and West of the British Isles, 1989-94
Monstad, T., and A. Johannessen 

Age Estimation of Roundnose Grenadier (Coryphaenoides rupestris), Effects of Uncertainties on Ages
Lorance, P., F. Garren, and J. Vigneau 

Size Influence in Zonation Patterns in Fishes and Crustaceans from Deep-water Communities of the Western Mediterranean
Morales-Nin, B., F. Maynou, F. Sardà, J. Cartes, J. Moranta, E. Massutí, J. Company, G. Rotllant, A. Bozzano, and C. Stefanescu 

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