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Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science


The journal focuses on environmental, biological, economic and social science aspects of living marine resources and ecosystems of the northwest Atlantic Ocean. 

The journal contains open-access, free-of-charge peer-reviewed scientific papers. It is published electronically and in print by the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization.

The Volumes tab in the upper right corner displays all the volumes which link to a table of contents for each volume.

Volumes 1-33 have pdfs that link to the full article. The link is found at the bottom of the page. The HTML displays the abstract only.

Volumes 34-present have pdfs that link to the full article. The full article is displayed in HTML as well.


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You can search for specific articles by clicking on the Volumes tab and the submenu Articles. You will find a search link at the top that will take you to the Search Articles field. You can type in author, title, subject and all articles pertaining to your search will be found.