Fig. 2. Stations where vertically stratified Multi-net tows were performed. The lines are from northeast to southwest: AR7W, Atlantic Repeat Section 7 West (of the WOCE programme); BB, Bonavista Bay Line; FC, Flemish Cap Line; SEGB, Southeast Grand Bank Line; GBL2, Grand Bank Line 2; GBL1, Grand Bank Line 1; SPB, St Pierre Bank; CS, Cabot Strait region (includes all stations in the Laurentian Channel); LL, Louisbourg Line; DEC17, stations occupied on December 17; SIB, Sable Island Bank; HL, Halifax Line; RL, Roseway Line; BBL, Browns Bank Line. The lines denote 100, 200, 1 000, 2 000 and 3 000 m contours.